Today, we started off the 2009 IACUC Conference in beautiful San Diego by offering two pre-conference programs: IACUC 101 and IBC Basics. Together, these courses gathered together nearly 160 research professionals from around the globe and addressed critical issues in both IACUC administration and IBC management. As with all PRIM&R meetings, the hallmarks of the day were quality learning and information sharing, as well as always helpful networking.

We’re looking forward to Sunday’s session—the AAALAC International Conference on Quality Animal Care. This meeting, held once [...] Read more


We’re almost there…

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..and it's almost here!
Of course, I'm talking about the 2009 IACUC Conference, which is set to kick off in just four days at the Town and Country Resort & Convention Center in San Diego, CA. Some PRIM&R staff members head to San Diego today to finalize the [...] Read more


Posted by Joanna Cardinal, membership manager

Hello again everyone! My first two months at PRIM&R have been a whirlwind as we have been busy preparing for the upcoming 2009 IACUC Conference. I wanted to slow down long enough to let you know about some of the ways you may get involved in this event.Read more


Posted by Catherine Rogers, marketing coordinator

When it comes to empathy, Temple Grandin knows how to walk in the shoes of another being. And that’s especially true if that other being doesn’t have shoes at all, but hooves, paws, or claws.

Dr. Grandin is one of the world’s leading animal scientists, known for her sensitivity to the details that affect animals’ stability and well-being. The roots of her experience with animals extend from early childhood into Dr. Grandin’s adult life as a professor, author, inventor, and animal-handling expert.

You can begin to see why she was PRIM&R’s top choice to deliver the Henry Spira [...] Read more