Day 1 at the 2009 IACUC Conference – Pre-Conference Programs

Today, we started off the 2009 IACUC Conference in beautiful San Diego by offering two pre-conference programs: IACUC 101 and IBC Basics. Together, these courses gathered together nearly 160 research professionals from around the globe and addressed critical issues in both IACUC administration and IBC management. As with all PRIM&R meetings, the hallmarks of the day were quality learning and information sharing, as well as always helpful networking.

We’re looking forward to Sunday’s session—the AAALAC International Conference on Quality Animal Care. This meeting, held once every four to five years, will feature critical information gathered from the past several years of AAALAC International site visits. Attendees will…

  • Understand current trends and AAALAC International expectations for quality research animal care and use.
  • Appreciate the most frequently observed concerns reported by AAALAC site visitors over the last five years.
  • Learn of potential solutions and successful case studies.

PRIM&R is thrilled to offer the 2009 IACUC Conference in conjunction with AAALAC International’s meeting, and is grateful to all of the attendees who have traveled far and wide to San Diego for the meeting. In these economic times, we understand how challenging it can be to secure both the time and money for professional development and professional connections. We appreciate that the nearly 660 people who will be attending the meeting have selected to come to PRIM&R, and look forward to telling you more about the conference in the coming days.