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Since its founding in 1974, Public Responsibility in Medicine and Research (PRIM&R) has pursued two core goals: creating a strong and vibrant community of ethics-minded research administration and oversight personnel, and providing educational and professional development opportunities that give that community the ongoing knowledge, support, and interaction it needs to raise the bar of research administration and oversight above regulatory compliance. PRIM&R has also formalized professional standards and credentials that document the expertise necessary for effective and appropriate research ethics support, and is active in public policy, offering expert opinion and guidance to the rule-making and advisory bodies governing the research enterprise and its practical applications.

PRIM&R’s educational and professional development programs address a range of issues surrounding research involving human subjects and animals. Our approach welcomes the diversity of reasonable viewpoints, while ensuring the dissemination of thoughtful and accurate information. At in-person meetings and through online learning, PRIM&R’s consistent, high-quality programming features respected and experienced teachers who provide participants with the most relevant and reliable information available. PRIM&R events are opportunities to share information and strategies with experts and colleagues from around the globe. Everyone is both a teacher and a learner at PRIM&R because the organization fosters collaborative relationships between and among those it serves.

PRIM&R’s diverse and supportive membership community is composed of individuals from more than 1,000 institutions located in more than 30 countries. Our members include those involved in every aspect of biomedical, behavioral, and social science research, and come from public and private institutions, the federal government, academia, and industry.

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