“Science Times” synthesis

Did the NBA Finals have you taking a “time out” to watch the games this weekend? Don’t be a benchwarmer any longer—make a fast break and check out the latest Science Times synthesis! With articles covering the full arena of hot topics from an exciting new treatment for hypertension to a shocking discovery about a monumental researcher, this installment is a real slam dunk.

Week of June 4

DNA blueprint for fetus built using tests of parents: A new paper from the University of Washington outlines how researchers were able to deduce the entire genome of a fetus using only a blood sample and a saliva specimen from the mother and father, respectively.

Our animal natures: This fascinating opinion piece explores some striking similarities between the health of humans and the health of animals. Topics explored include obesity, addiction, cancer, and self-harm. 

Week of June 11

Notebooks shed light on an antibiotic’s contested discovery: In this captivating story, the discovery of a graduate student’s notebook sheds new light on the controversy surrounding the discovery of streptomycin, the first antibiotic to cure tuberculosis.

As medical imaging rises, radiation concerns follow: A new study conducted in response to the rise in use of diagnostic imaging techniques encourages clinicians to weigh the rewards against the risks associated with exposure to radiation. 

To cut blood pressure, nerves get a jolt: Researchers are experimenting with an innovative but invasive procedure designed to help patients with treatment-resistant hypertension.