Independence Day is just around the corner, but before you fire up that grill, be sure to check out the latest installment of our ‘Science Times’ synthesis! From the inspirational story of one doctor’s struggle with mental illness, to increasing evidence of a drug company’s deception, this week’s buffet of sizzling stories is sure to satisfy.

Week of June 17

Heart trouble early and often in HIV patients: According to a new study of HIV-positive patients, individuals living with HIV, even those whose disease is well managed by drugs, have more heart attacks and have them [...] Read more


Did the NBA Finals have you taking a “time out” to watch the games this weekend? Don’t be a benchwarmer any longer—make a fast break and check out the latest Science Times synthesis! With articles covering the full arena of hot topics from an exciting new treatment for hypertension to a shocking discovery about a monumental researcher, this installment is a real slam dunk.

Week of June 4

DNA blueprint [...] Read more


As we hurtle towards summer, the research world is heating up! From contentious stem cell policies in Texas, to evidence of potential misdiagnoses in children, this week’s “Science Times” synthesis is full of controversial and eye-opening reports from around the globe.

Week of April 9

More brainpower seen in soccer’s top scorers:
A new study finds that elite soccer players in Sweden tested higher than non-players in executive [...] Read more