After the commemoration of World AIDS Day last week, it’s encouraging to hear that researchers have found renewed hope and inspiration in the search for a cure. In this week's "Science Times" synthesis, learn about the new developments in HIV research, and share your thoughts on the current state of AIDS research and the potential impact of President Obama’s speech in which he committed to significant increases in funding.

Week of November 29


As we contemplate the things we are thankful for as part of our annual holiday celebration, you may find it interesting to know that researchers believe gratitude has real health benefits. Learn more about how being thankful can improve your health and relationships, and enjoy your day!

Week of November 15

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It seems a number of recent studies are taking issue with common myths about weight gain, the benefits or drinking eight glasses of water a day, and how coffee impacts sleep. Put your feet up, grab a cup o’ joe and read on to learn more about recent myth-busting studies.

Week of November 7

Decoding the brain’s cacophony
Read this profile of Dr. Michael Gazzaniga, professor of psychology at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and learn about the brain’s “split personality.”

Snakes’ feat [...]
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Do you ever wonder if a good scare on Halloween is enough to send a pregnant woman into labor? Read on to find out why scientists think women may be able to control when they give birth around particular holidays, including Halloween!

Week of October 11

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“Science Times” synthesis

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How concerned should you be about a viral pandemic coming soon… to a theater near you? According to the New York Times, not very. In an article about the movie Contagion, readers are assured that “you can still be very afraid if you want, if a contagious apocalypse happens to be your thing. But it’s not going to happen this way.” Read The Cough that Launched a Hit Movie below to get the scoop.

Week of September 13

The coRead more