‘Science Times’ synthesis

Can you believe that February is already here? As the months of winter continue to fly by, let’s take a moment to see the latest happenings in the world of research in this week’s ‘Science Times’ synthesis. Drop us a comment and share your thoughts on the articles below.

Week of February 7, 2012

Fallout from fatigue syndrome retraction: Sufferers of chronic fatigue syndrome are dismayed as a study linking and mouse retroviruses is retracted.

Cancer-deterring drug found to harm bones: Scientists were hopeful that extemestane could be used to prevent breast cancer, but new studies link the drug to significant bone loss.

Sloan-Kettering chief accused of taking research: Accusations bring the question of intellectual property to light as a former University of Pennsylvania employee allegedly used research conducted there to create a new, valuable biotechnology. 

Week of January 31, 2012
Don’t censor influenza research: An op-ed piece argues that by censoring research on a highly transmissible, deadly form of influenza we are thwarting our ability to combat the virus should a pandemic occur.
DNA turning human story into a tell-all: As genetic sequencing technology continues to advance, a new and complex portrait of human origins is emerging.

The perils of ‘bite-size’ science: Increasingly, in the behavioral sciences, academics are publishing shorter articles. Two researchers argue that the shift should be worrisome.