The data collected from mobile mental health apps has promising benefit toward the field of mental health. The risks are usually limited to breach of confidentiality and investigators mitigate those risks by implementing processes to protect access to the data. In studies involving algorithms and personalized medicine, the risks increase. So, how do IRBs determine when risks outweigh the benefits? Read more


It is with tremendous sadness that I am informing you of Dr. Tracy Thompson’s passing on December 10, 2021. She was a devoted wife and pet mom, as well as an avid outdoorswoman. She was also a fantastic friend who was incredibly supportive, and those who knew her will miss her dearly. Read more


After the murder of George Floyd in the late Spring of 2020 and the protests that followed, many organizations, PRIM&R included, found themselves in an overdue moment of introspection. A part of this work included an internal review of how we acknowledge days and months on the calendar that commemorate heritage and awareness groups (e.g. Black History Month, LGBT Pride Month, Disability History/Awareness Month). Read more


The world of animal welfare lost a giant last month with the passing of Bernie Rollin, PhD, “who alleviated more animal pain than anyone in history,” on November 19. The philosopher was a pioneer of veterinary ethics and a critical architect of modern animal welfare regulations. His achievements were enormous, and he will be missed. Read more