Watch & discuss: PRIM&R’s video

Posted by Catherine Rogers, marketing coordinator

My elbow grease may be running on “E”, but at least my apartment is clean. This past weekend, I assembled the No Holds Barred Cleaning Brigade (my roommates) to tackle a year’s worth of clutter and dust-bunnies in a full-on cleaning assault. As we organized, wiped, recycled, and tossed, one thing was clear: Spring cleaning is akin to opening a time capsule of the past year.

The receipts, clippings, photos, and souvenirs were reminders of our history in that house, even though we’ve only been there a year. And this got me thinking about PRIM&R. Not about the dust-bunnies that could accumulate over 35 years (gross!), but about the memories that are contained in the organization’s own receipts, clippings, photos, souvenirs, and, of course, the people.

Perhaps it was these sense of preservation and reflection that drove PRIM&R to make a video about the organization’s past, present, and future. In a way, the video has become our very own twenty-first century time capsule, in that it imprints upon history the faces that made the organization grow to its current size and scope.

We’re proud to have made this video, and hope you will enjoy it as well, so please, check it out on YouTube and leave a comment to let us know what you think!