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For the past year, we have posted old photos from our archives in hopes of gaining some insight into PRIM&R's vibrant history. However, for the last installment of this series, we've decided to step outside of the archives a bit, and instead look to more recent history.

This photo was taken at PRIM&R's 35th Anniversary Birthday Party in Nashville, TN, at the 2009 Advancing Ethical Research Conference. Are you one of the talented, foot-stompin' singers on stage with New South? Let us know!

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It’s finally November and we want to give thanks! Starting with Applied Research Ethics National Association’s (ARENA) 61 charter members, PRIM&R members have kept us going through the lean years and helped us grow into an international organization representing nearly 3,500 individuals. We’ve spent the last 35 days revealing a few of the MANY reasons we have to be grateful to our [...] Read more


This week’s Monday Memory is a bit different… Can you tell why? Instead of an image, this time, we’ve chosen a spoof—from the IRB Follies of yore—of Nat King Cole’s “Unforgettable.”

Did you write these lyrics? Maybe you were on stage singing them? Either way, we hope you have a laugh—and let us know if you were involved!


That’s what they say
It’s un-doable
In short, no way.

They said I might as well root for the Mets
Sent me to see some guy named Schwetz
He told me to bail
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During PRIM&R's 25th anniversary year, our community celebrated with a special rendition of the "Follies." Judging on the signage in the background, we're guessing a Cheers spoof took place. What do you remember about this special night? We'd love to hear, so please share your reminiscences on this Monday Memory by posting a comment. Read more


Where’dya get that hat?! This Monday Memory comes straight from the archives of our executive director. If you know who any of these ladies are, please post a comment. We’d love to hear about YOUR memory of this event. (Looks like fun!)
As part of our 35th anniversary, we'd like to remind you (and ourselves) of PRIM&R's journey, so we will periodically post interesting photos and ask that YOU to jog our memories and fill in [...] Read more