35 reasons we love our members!

It’s finally November and we want to give thanks! Starting with Applied Research Ethics National Association’s (ARENA) 61 charter members, PRIM&R members have kept us going through the lean years and helped us grow into an international organization representing nearly 3,500 individuals. We’ve spent the last 35 days revealing a few of the MANY reasons we have to be grateful to our members on Twitter and Facebook. In case you missed it, we’ve compiled the reasons below.

  1. They send us holiday cards- sometimes even personal ones!
  2. They send us lots of local treats, such as pralines, buckeyes, and coffee candies.
  3. They are committed to the field of research ethics.
  4. They embody PRIM&R’s mission.
  5. They’re diverse.
  6. They come from all 50 United States and 36 countries.
  7. They help advance the field by becoming certified CIPs and CPIAs.
  8. They speak many languages.
  9. They get engaged at our conferences!
  10. They contribute to our conference programs.
  11. They pay their membership dues on time.
  12. They become friends, fans, and hopefully followers in the world of social networking!
  13. They let us use their words in our marketing materials and go on camera to help make our movies.
  14. They host networking events and help us network with other organizations.
  15. They send us photos of their grandkids!
  16. They give us honest feedback.
  17. Their phone calls can brighten our day, especially when they tell us jokes or write songs that make us laugh.
  18. They give us nicknames.
  19. They stick with our volunteer positions for decades.
  20. They volunteer at Speed Mentoring!
  21. They solve problems in our Online Communities.
  22. They write blog posts and newsletter articles!
  23. They give us tours of their facilities.
  24. They’re friendly, altruistic, and creative.
  25. They help advance science by ensuring that research is responsible and by protecting human and animal subjects.
  26. They climb Mt. Kilimanjaro!
  27. They’re committed to lifelong learning.
  28. They have interesting hobbies—golf, fly-fishing, rally racing, antiquing…
  29. They help PRIM&R get green, but not with envy!
  30. They love animals.
  31. They’re true card sharks when it comes to playing Texas Hold ‘Em.
  32. They’re ethical.
  33. They know what most of the acronyms in the field stand for.
  34. They sing and dance along to Mamma Mia! and Hairspray.
  35. They’ve brought us to this 35th anniversary milestone and we hope they’ll stick with us for the next 35!