An ‘unforgettable’ Monday Memory…

This week’s Monday Memory is a bit different… Can you tell why? Instead of an image, this time, we’ve chosen a spoof—from the IRB Follies of yore—of Nat King Cole’s “Unforgettable.”

Did you write these lyrics? Maybe you were on stage singing them? Either way, we hope you have a laugh—and let us know if you were involved!


That’s what they say
It’s un-doable
In short, no way.

They said I might as well root for the Mets
Sent me to see some guy named Schwetz
He told me to bail
Or end up in jail

That what I thought
I’m indictable
If I get caught
Wish I’d stayed in that refresher course
Paula Zahn did quite a tour de force
Maybe I’ll be
Unforgettable too