The most recent issue of the PRIM&R Newsletter (members only) was distributed on Friday, February 27.

In addition to our regular features, such as Recent Headlines, Government and Legal News, and Public Policy, this issue included…

  • An invitation for 2009 IACUC Conference attendees to register for the Speed Mentoring event;
  • A featured talk from PRIM&R Through the Years, a 532-page compilation of presentations delivered by internationally esteemed experts in the field of research ethics at PRIM&R's past annual meetings. This month feature is Stanley Milgram’s speech, “The Role of [...] Read more


Posted by Catherine Rogers, marketing coordinator

With our 35th anniversary upon us, the PRIM&R staff has been doing a lot of digging through our archives, and my, how far we've come! To remind you (and ourselves) of PRIM&R's journey, we will periodically post interesting photos in a feature called Monday Memories. Do you know what's going on in this image? Are you one of the enthusiastic chorus, or maybe you took the photo yourself? If you have any ideas about who's who, or what's what, please leave a comment and let us know!

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Posted by Joan Rachlin, executive directorThis being PRIM&R's 35th anniversary, I wanted to take a short stroll down memory lane and kick-off a year-long celebration of our past, present, and future. A warm wash of memories come to visit as I think back over the past three and a half decades. What began as a small band of concerned researchers and research administrators [...] Read more