It seems a number of recent studies are taking issue with common myths about weight gain, the benefits or drinking eight glasses of water a day, and how coffee impacts sleep. Put your feet up, grab a cup o’ joe and read on to learn more about recent myth-busting studies.

Week of November 7

Decoding the brain’s cacophony
Read this profile of Dr. Michael Gazzaniga, professor of psychology at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and learn about the brain’s “split personality.”

Snakes’ feat [...]
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by Elisa Hurley, PhD, education director

As many of you may know, the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has extended the public comment period on the advance notice of proposed rulemaking (ANPRM). The revised closing date for submitting comments to DHHS is October 26, 2011.

If you are interested in what others having been saying about the proposed changes to the “Common Rule,” instructions for browsing comments may be found here.

PRIM&R’s ANPRM Task Force is still hard at work drafting and compiling comments. We [...] Read more


Welcome to another installment of our featured member interviews where we will continue to introduce you to more of our members, individuals who work to advance ethical research on a daily basis. Please read on to learn more about their professional experiences, how membership helps connect them to a larger community, and what goes on behind-the-scenes in their lives!

Today we’d like to introduce you to Hallie Kassan, institutional review board (IRB) manager at the Feinstein Institute for [...] Read more


Greetings! My name is Elisa Hurley, and I am delighted to be joining the PRIM&R family as its new education director. For the past 11 years, I have been teaching and writing philosophical ethics and bioethics. So, when PRIM&R asked me to attend the 2010 Advancing Ethical Research Conference in San Diego prior to starting my new job, I was thrilled. I couldn’t have asked for a better orientation to PRIM&R, or a more fitting introduction to my new role helping PRIM&R continue to strengthen its current educational programs, and develop exciting and innovative new ones. One of the most intriguing and important themes that [...] Read more