“Science Times” synthesis

Love chocolate? That might not be such a bad thing! New research provides more evidence that consuming significant amounts of chocolate is good for your heart. This article in the Science Times takes the guilt out of one of America’s favorite treats.

Week of August 14

Autism Risk for Siblings Higher Than Expected: Researchers now believe that parents of an autistic child have a 1 in 5 chance of having another child with autism.

Charting Brain Growth in Humans and Chimps: Learn about the patterns of brain growth in humans and chimps, and what region of the brain causes our cognitive differentiation.

Regimens: Soothing Melodies for Cancer Patients:
Recent studies show that music therapy decreases anxiety and pain for cancer patients.

Common Sleep Problem Raises Risk of Dementia: Researchers are finding a link between sleep apnea and dementia.

Perks of Cross-Training May End Before Finish Line: Although cross-training improves cardiovascular health, it does not directly impact performance in other physical activities.

Week of August 21

Born, and Evolved, to Run: Read an interview with Daniel Lieberman, professor of evolutionary biology at Harvard, and learn about the evolution of the human head and foot.

Malaria Gets the Foil-in-a-Microwave Treatment: Learn about an innovative technique that may lead to a cure for malaria.

Examining the Mystery of Skeleton, Sugar, and Sex: New studies demonstrate how bones regulate blood sugar and fertility.

A Protein That Bosses Plant Cells Around: Read about Clasp, a protein that controls the direction of growth in plants.

Really? The Claim: Drinking Green Tea Can Help Lower Cholesterol: Take a look at the debate over one of the benefits of green tea.

Week of August 30

The New Generation of Microbe Hunters: Researchers look to genome sequencing for clues to the causes, and prevention, of epidemics.

Bacteria-Busting Oil Behind a Popular Spice: Researchers from the University of Beira Interior in Portugal report that that coriander oil can kill bacteria related to food-borne diseases.

Possible Culprit is Found for Lou Gehrig’s Disease: Dr. Teepu Siddique of Northwestern University posits a new theory about what causes amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS.), commonly referred to as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

Evidence of Heart Benefits from Chocolate: Read an analysis of recent studies on the correlation between chocolate consumption and cardiovascular health.

Infections Follow Rise in Cardiac Implants: According to a study published August 30 in The Journal of the American College of Cardiology, while the number of cardiac device implants has doubled since 1993, the number of infections associated with these devices has tripled.