Research Ethics Roundup: Results of Ebola Clinical Trials, Concerns over Fatal French Clinical Trial, and More

Global research issues take center stage in this week’s Research Ethics Roundup. Recently, the Chinese government announced new draft regulations on lab animal welfare. The results of the Ebola trials are being analyzed and French officials are launching an investigation after a fatal clinical trial.

Ebola’s Thin Harvest: In this special report for Science, Jon Cohen and Martin Enserink report on the results of the Ebola clinical trials. They point out, “Never before had the disease affected enough people to allow researchers to test Ebola drugs and vaccines in a real-world setting.” Unfortunately, the findings from many of these trials are unclear.

MouseExperts Mull Introduction of Tougher Regulations on Lab Animal Welfare: In this AsiaOne article , China’s proposals for new regulations on the use of lab animals are highlighted. Chinese authorities note that their country “lags behind” other countries when it comes to developing legislation on laboratory animal welfare.

Scientists in the Dark After French Clinical Trial Proves Fatal: In this piece for Nature, Declan Butler and Ewen Callaway report on a clinical trial in France that left one person dead and five others in the hospital. The article reports on experts’ concerns that “trial participants were administered the doses simultaneously, rather than testing in one and waiting to check for adverse effects before administering to further subjects.”

clinicalTrialsThe Outcome of My Clinical Trial Is a Mystery: In this piece for The Atlantic, Emma Yasinski shares her experience of being part of a pediatric device clinical trial. She argues for more transparency when it comes to clinical trial reporting.