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One thought on “Increasing Public Understanding and Acceptance of Animal Studies: Where to Begin?

  1. A. Cameron

    The assumption laid bare in this post is that individuals concerned with the use of non-human animals in research are uneducated nimrods, who collectively assume all scientists are “evil.” This perception does nothing to positively engage the community of individuals who care for non-human animal rights, welfare, and the future of testing alternatives.
    Transparency and thoughtful engagement should be the key concern of IACUC committees seeking to change perceptions about research using non-human animals. That is, IACUC committees should welcome community members, especially those with welfare concerns, to observe meetings, serve on committees, and have access to meeting minutes. Committees should also explicitly address, in clear language, how the 3 to 4 R’s (if you count, REJECT) are considered by committee members in relation to every approved protocol.