Share your experience as an HRPP/IRB professional by July 12

As the Certified IRB Professional (CIP®) program approaches its milestone twentieth year, PRIM&R and the CIP Council are undertaking a series of activities aimed at assessing the current eligibility guidelines and the content of the CIP exam against the tasks and responsibilities of those charged with HRPP/IRB administration.

The first part of this process is a comprehensive job analysis survey, which aims to capture the range of responsibilities for which offices that oversee IRBs are accountable. The survey aims to identify the tasks involved and the frequency in which they are performed, as well as the knowledge needed to perform those tasks.

The data from this survey will be analyzed and compared to the current CIP Body of Knowledge/Content Outline, to ensure that the examination accurately captures the scope of duties of those who are currently involved with the daily management and oversight of HRPP/IRBs, and to make sure that the eligibility guidelines are inclusive of those who are responsible for these functions.

We want to ensure that survey results are comprehensive and all HRPP/IRB roles are recognized; anyone involved with the management and administration of HRPP/IRBs is encouraged to participate in this important project before the survey closes on July 12. Those interested in participating in the survey can find it at

The survey will take 15-20 minutes to complete, and participants can choose to be contacted to receive a certificate of completion. Current CIPs who receive a certificate of completion can earn three continuing education credits towards their recertification. Individual responses will be kept confidential and will be combined with those of other respondents. 

Completing the survey is a great way to contribute to the field and to ensure that the CIP exam reflects the high standards of the human subjects protections profession.