CIP® help is available

By: Andy Burman, PRIM&R Blog Squad member



As I wrote once before, studying for the CIP® can be a lonely process. But no matter where you are, in a bustling metropolis or a remote locale, you are never too far from the help you need, even as you prepare for the CIP.


With the spring testing period for the CIP examination approaching rapidly, PRIM&R has organized a Facebook page to help those studying for the upcoming exam. To join the group, simply follow the link and click the “Ask to Join Group” button in the upper right hand corner of the page. You should be admitted to the group within a day.


This Facebook page is a blank slate. It can be whatever its users want it to be.
  • Do you have a question? Post it and we’ll do our best to answer it.
  • Do you need to vent? Let it all out, and we will provide an encouraging word.
  • Are you in search for some for some mock test questions?

We will be posting a mock test question or two each day to stimulate conversation and discuss potential answers. Here is the first question that I posted on the page:45 CFR 46 applies in which of the following circumstance:

a. DHHS is conducting or sponsoring research with human subjects
b. Industry is conducting or sponsoring research with human subjects
c. The research involves human subjects
d. An investigational device or drug is undergoing testing in human subjects

Do you know the correct answer? What is the source of your answer? Do you agree with your peers? Visit the Facebook page to find out. When you do, you won’t be alone. That’s a guarantee.