What were you reading in 2014? Highlights from Ampersand

By Anne Meade, senior manager for website and social media

It was a busy year for Ampersand in 2014— we posted 96 blogs, to be exact! We looked back at the past 40 years of research ethics, and remembered those we lost. As we begin 2015, we wanted to know what you found most interesting. Popular topics included draft guidances, protecting subjects, big data, and more. From hard hitting questions to timely topics, let’s take a look back at the most-read blogs of 2014.

1. What’s in a name? Research “participant” versus research “subject” by Ali Hall

2. Unpacking OHRP’s Draft Guidance on Research Evaluating Standards of Care by Elisa Hurley and Avery Avrakotos

3. Consent and Autonomy of Human Subjects by Elisa Hurley

4. Ebola, an (Un)ethical Crisis by Brandon Brown

5. Big Data, Commercial Research, and the Protection of Subjects by Elisa Hurley

6. PRIM&R’s Response to the FDA Draft Guidance on Informed Consent by Avery Avrakotos

7. Keys to Protecting Subjects in Qualitative Research by Alexandra Shlimovich

8. Remembering Felix A. Gyi: A Wise, Generous, and Kind Leader

9. 40 Years of Research Ethics: The Drafting of the Belmont Report by Meryn Robinson

10. The SUPPORT study and the future of Comparative Effectiveness Research by Elisa Hurley (A 2013 post that continued to be widely read in 2014!)

We are only a week into 2015 and already have a lot of great blogs scheduled for 2015. If you have a topic idea to share, or are interested in guest blogging about a particular topic, please email us. Or, apply to be a member of a Conference, Regional Meeting, or Webinar Blog Squad!