Since the launch of People and Perspectives (P&P) in 2013, we have interviewed a variety of individuals, from the founders of the research ethics field to those who have only been in it for a few years. But one thing we ask most of them is, "what do you think the general public needs to know about research?" Though their responses are different, many reference a common theme: people need to understand why research matters to them.
What do you feel the general public needs to know about research? What would you tell a person on the street about research?

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3 thoughts on “What Does the Public Need to Know About Research?

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  2. Maggie

    This is interesting. However, it focuses almost exclusively on clinical research. How about comments from social scientists, researchers working on behavioral interventions (HIV, obesity, cancer, etc.), anthropologists, epidemiologists?

    Acronyms should be used only if the audience knows the meaning. I have no clue what AALAS stands for (second speaker).

    1. (PRIM&R) Public Responsibility in Medicine and Research Post author

      Hi Maggie,

      Thanks for your comment. We’ve asked this question of many more people than those featured in this video, so it could be worth checking out http://www.peopleandperspectives.org/ to find more thoughts from others. That said, People and Perspectives is a growing archive, and we haven’t necessarily interviewed someone from each of the categories you have mentioned (yet!).

      My apologies about the acronym! AALAS stands for the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science.

      Anne Meade, MS, PMP
      Senior Manager for Online Initiatives