Welcome to the new blog on the block!

Welcome to Ampersand, PRIM&R’s new blog for and about the research ethics community (What is a blog? Learn more.). Here you will read postings from many voices including PRIM&R staff, PRIM&R members, and subject matter experts in a variety of fields. Our hope is that this new blog will provide you with timely information about news and events in the field of research, musings on related or unrelated topics, as well as insights into PRIM&R as an organization.

Why the title Ampersand? Well, not only is the “&” the primary graphical element in PRIM&R’s artistic identity, but it also serves as a symbol of what we hope to achieve with this blog―the sharing of “conversations & connections… opinions & ideas.” In addition, PRIM&R has always been an advocate for respectfully listening to different opinions, believing that where one stands depends largely on where one sits. Thus, the “&” is also a symbol of that “maybe this & maybe that” approach to wrestling with complex issues.

We hope that Ampersand will provide a unique source of ideas and information that will help you think creatively about the work you do. To fully enjoy the benefits of this blog, we encourage you to be an active participant. Here are a few suggestions as to how you can get involved:

  • Subscribe to the blog via RSS feed to receive instant notification of new entries.
  • Add your comments and opinions to articles.
  • Continue the conversation in PRIM&R’s online communities (members only).
  • Volunteer to be a guest blogger! E-mail us if you are interested.

Please remember that blog entries reflect the personal opinions and perspectives of the authors, and not those of PRIM&R or its Board of Directors.

In order to make this blog the diverse and interactive cyber-place it’s intended to be, we know that there will be times when authors and those posting comments disagree with one another. You might love some posts, roll your eyes at others, and view still others as the start of a longer conversation. We believe that the blog’s value depends on a lively and respectful debate, and we therefore need and encourage your comments and suggestions.

Sound off and become part of this newest PRIM&R project! Let us know what you think by posting a comment or sending us an e-mail.

& we’re off!