The Shift Toward Training and Documentation of Proficiency

by Anne Meade, MS, PMP, senior manager for website and social media

The most recent revisions to the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals highlighted the importance of training for individuals involved with the care and use of animals. As Chris Newcomer explains in this excerpt on People & Perspectives, this was a welcome addition.

“I’ve seen indiscretions done in animal research…they almost always result not from somebody’s maliciousness; they result from their arrogance of thinking that they know enough to do a procedure the right way.”

Dr. Newcomer goes on to state that while the Guide has always indicated that training should be provided, “the more recent Guide sends a much stronger proposition about the importance of training.” But it’s more than just training—more principles and regulations are including proficiency in their revisions. Training needs to happen through a process of documentation that illustrates proficiency. “It’s a paradigm shift that is decades overdue.”

Watch the full excerpt below:

Have you seen a shift at your institution toward documenting proficiency? Have the attitudes about training shifted at all? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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