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by Michele Russell-Einhorn, JD, senior director of the Office for Human Research Studies at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Imagine that you are an investigator and you have submitted a research protocol for review by the institutional review board (IRB) at your institution. The research involves a bone marrow biopsy. The approval comes back from the IRB with the following condition: The first subject enrolled in the research must be the investigator.

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by Nicholas Spetko, Membership Services Intern

The portrayal of scientific research and research ethics in popular media can offer considerable insight. To reflect on some of the lessons offered, PRIM&R staff have spent the summer reading and watching classic books, movies, and television shows that have generated conversation and debate around issues related to research ethics. Over the next several weeks, they will share their reflections here, so join us as we explore popular representations of the research world. 

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