PRIM&R Launches “Research Ethics Reimagined” Podcast

Research Ethics Reimagined” is a monthly podcast created by PRIM&R. Throughout the podcast, PRIM&R Executive Director Ivy R. Tillman, EdD, CCRC, CIP, will guide listeners through conversations with scientists, researchers, bioethicists and some of the leading minds exploring new frontiers of science.   

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The podcast is designed to help further the public’s understanding of scientific research, as well as provide in-depth analysis to veterans of the scientific research enterprise. 

“From teaching to navigating the complexities of research ethics as an IRB Director, my career has been shaped by a commitment to bridging gaps, fostering understanding and helping others make connections,” said Dr. Tillman, who is hosting PRIM&R’s podcast. “Whether advocating for underrepresented populations or engaging communities in discussions about research, my aim is always to elevate voices and create spaces for growth and learning.”  

“My passion for understanding has led me here today to encourage you to discover and connect with our guests, as we ask questions about what science means to us,” she said. 

PRIM&R’s podcast is part of the national nonprofit’s effort to create a world where all who contribute to – and benefit from — research, embrace ethics, welfare, inclusion, and trust as central to science and medicine. 

The first episode of “Research Ethics Reimagined” will be published soon. Stay tuned for more details. 

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