PRIM&R’s Top 10 Office Tips for Staying Green

Posted by Maeve Luthin, Project CoordinatorWe have found that the most effective way to stay green as an office is to monitor how we consume the small things in life—like our daily cups of coffee—and how we cut back on waste—like accidently printing out the wrong e-mail three times. So, PRIM&R is jumping onto the end-of-the-year listology bandwagon, and we’re happy to share with you our favorite ways to reduce our carbon footprint!

  1. No page goes unturned at 126 Brookline Avenue, as we are very careful about using both sides of every piece of paper before it goes into a blue recycling bin.
  2. When the bins are full and the cardboard is stacked sky high, we give a cheer when Save that Stuff comes to save our paper goods from Dumpster damnation.
  3. We also make sure our print and toner cartridges meet a similar fate by participating in the Ink Drop program.
  4. We purchase our office supplies in bulk, and that we order mailers and envelopes that are made out of 100% recycled paper and at least 10% post-consumer waste.
  5. We avoid using dishes and cutlery made out of paper, Styrofoam, or plastic by keeping our kitchen area stocked with mugs, dishes, forks, knives, and spoons.
  6. Since our office building does not have a recycling program, all recyclable plastics are sorted and then sent home with Joan Rachlin, our executive director, to be included with her household’s weekly recycling pickup.
  7. We keep a stack of handy cloth reusable shopping bags around the office to avoid using plastic bags when running mid-day errands.
  8. We reuse! PRIM&R staff members reduce consumption by sharing books and DVDs with one another.
  9. A few times a year, we clean our closets and donate gently worn clothing to Material Aid, sponsored by the Society of Friends. We also clean out our office supplies and donate anything we don’t need to local schools and other charities.
  10. Most staff members do not drive to the office; instead, they take the T (Boston’s public transportation system), walk, or ride their bikes to work. Disclaimer: Some of us do this just for the excuse to walk around Fenway Park next door to try and see some players before game time!

Have any other tips for being green that you’d like to share? Leave a comment below!