PRIM&R Staff Wishes for 2009

With the end of 2008 quickly approaching, we asked PRIM&R staff to provide their wishes for 2009. Feel free to comment and add your own!

Mariellen Diemand, conference and program manager:

  1. In 2009, I hope that the Obama administration can make sense of the financial crisis and that things begin to look upward! (I have a house to sell! JK!).
  2. In 2009, I hope that nations around the world can begin to settle their differences and work cooperatively toward peace (can’t we all just get along?!).
  3. In 2009, I hope that we, as a nation, can focus on the issues plaguing our citizens, e.g., healthcare, homelessness, hunger, etc.
  4. In 2009, I hope that we have another great Boston sports year! Can you believe the Bruins are first in the division and that the Celtics finally won a championship?!
  5. In 2009, I hope that PRIM&R can continue growing as an organization, both in our membership and at our conferences.
  6. In 2009, I hope that my colleagues and I experience happiness, joy, health, and success in all our ventures.

Emily Hayden, program coordinator: The continuous wish that the Sox win the World Series! Kimberly Hensle Lowrance, deputy director: For 2009, I wish that everyone—our families and friends and all those in the PRIM&R community—are blessed with good health. Jen Levine-Fried, membership manager: I hope that my daughter does not decide to make her entrance into the world in the middle of a snowstorm. Or rush-hour traffic. Or both.

On a PRIM&R note, I hope that we can equal or top the tremendous growth we saw in 2008. (Our membership grew from 2,900 to more than 3,400!)

Maeve Luthin, project coordinator: Peace and goodwill throughout the world.

Anne Meade, web and distance education coordinator: I hope we can take 2009 as an opportunity to continue to learn and grow, personally and professionally, through our relationships (both face-to-face and electronic!) with each other.Joan Rachlin, executive director: I wish that there will be peace where there is none, good health – and good healthcare – for all, and for an economic recovery so strong that everyone seeking a good job will find one. I’m also hoping for safety for our new President, for his family, and for all those in harm’s way. Karen Reiser, conference coordinator, hopes for…

P rosperity in these difficult economic times
R enewed strength to meet the challenges of the days to come
I nspiration to be the best that we can be
M eaningful contributions to our own small worlds and society at large
R espect for all mankind and the world in which we live

Catherine Rogers, marketing coordinator: I wish to stumble upon a supply of Polaroid 600 film so that 2009 isn’t the last year I can enjoy taking instant pictures. And no, digital doesn’t count.

Ashley Schofield, administrative assistant: For the New Year, I hope to become a stronger member of the PRIM&R team. And I resolve to have a smaller footprint on the planet but a bigger hand in my community.Happy New Year to all from the entire PRIM&R staff!