PRIM&R is joining the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Clinical Center’s Department of Bioethics to investigate the diverse viewpoints regarding the ethical acceptability of payments to research subjects. Although there is anecdotal evidence about the content and nature of these viewpoints, little systematic knowledge exists. Therefore, it is hoped that this web-based survey will capture the attitudes, opinions, and experiences of individuals who conduct and oversee research regarding offers of payment.

PRIM&R and the NIH are inviting those who are interested in human subjects protections, including those who serve on or staff institutional review boards, and/or have some familiarity with the world of research to participate in the online survey. You may have already received a letter and email requesting your participation.

The Center for Survey Research (CSR) at the University of Virginia will conduct this assessment for the survey sponsors. PRIM&R and the NIH Department of Bioethics would appreciate your participation but would like you to know that participation is entirely voluntary and you do not have to answer any questions you do not wish to. All responses will be confidential. If you’d like more information about the study, please visit CSR’s website here.

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One thought on “PRIM&R joins with NIH on survey to examine offers of payment to research subjects

  1. Erica

    It has long been my contention that MONEY is the root of practically every ethical issue. Payment to subjects is but one small aspect of it.
    – the effect of free (subsidized) drug when Medicare doesn't cover
    – financing for an additional office visit to allow a consent process before the day the study starts
    – payment and lack of payment to PIs (both are problems)
    – As an independent we see sites all over the country. Should different sites pay different amounts for doing the same thing? Why? Why not?

    We could all offer more questions. Thank you, PRIM&R, for this foray into one of these questions.

    Erica Heath, CIP
    E&I Review Services