What’s it Like Sharing a Poster at PRIM&R’s Annual Conference?

PRIM&R’s Poster Program is a highlight of our annual conferences, giving members of our community the chance to share their work with the larger research ethics community.

Past participants found that sharing their work—meeting other attendees in the poster gallery onsite, and engaging with those who stopped by throughout the conference to view the posters—was a tangible way for the work they’d done to make a wider impact. Not only have participants gained valuable feedback for further refining their work or developing new projects, but many also expressed how rewarding it was to hear that the work they’d been doing helped and/or resonated with their peers.

As we approach this year’s 2017 Advancing Ethical Research Conference (AER17) and the associated Poster Program, read from past authors what they enjoyed most about presenting at past AER Poster Programs:

As an IRB administrator who also does IRB-related survey research, I used to wonder if the little survey studies I was doing ever made a difference to anyone other than myself. Then, my first study was accepted and I displayed my poster at the PRIM&R AER Conference. The feedback was swift and positive. I had countless conversations with people who had read my poster and found the study extremely interesting as well as helpful to them at their institution. It was extremely gratifying to know that my “little research project” was of interest to other people. I have gone on to display four more posters at different AER conferences and had the same experience. These conversations have led to additional study ideas and have increased my knowledge in research more than I could say. You don’t have to cure cancer for your research to be important or meaningful to others. It has been extremely encouraging to me in conducting further research.
Kathleen Seabolt, CIM, CIC

My poster experience at AER was extremely rewarding. While it was a challenge to distill so many parts into a basic poster and still keep it interesting, it was definitely a feat worth tackling. From the abstract submission to the content development to the discussion of our program, the poster presentation required me to be thoughtful about my work in a way that helped me create an elevator speech about the importance of Quality Assurance…I [also] received valuable feedback from more experienced researchers.
Patricia Mendoza, BA, BSN, RN, CCRC, CHRC

I was able to interact personally with my audience and…I received very informative ways of improving the IRB work including training opportunities for the IRB members and staff and I also got useful contacts for NIH internships for IRB staff. Back at my institution I have been able to share my experience and contacts from the conference with my colleagues and we are now able to contact experts when faced with ethical dilemmas…[Preparing] and [presenting] a poster at the AER conference helps you reach a specific audience of people interested in research ethics and protection of human participants. Most exciting was the experience of seeing how impressed people were by my work.
Annet Nakaganda, BSc, MPH

Presenting a poster at a PRIM&R conference had been a long-time professional goal for us, so to see it come to fruition was very exciting…The process of executing our program, collecting the data, analyzing the data, and discovering a positive effect was demanding, but it resulted in a poster we [were] extremely proud of and were thrilled to share with our colleagues at AER15. Additionally, we found our inclusion in the AER15 poster presenters cohort deeply engaging; we had a newfound appreciation of the process, made a point to read each of our colleagues’ posters, and actively networked with the other presenters. Overall, presenting a poster at AER15 was both a personally and professionally gratifying experience for us.
Kimberly Serpico, MEd, CIP, and Grace Bullock, BA

Interested in participating in this opportunity to showcase your work and network with your peers? Learn more about submission guidelines, categories, and policies for the AER17 Poster Program on our website, and watch our informational webinar on how to develop a poster submission. We are accepting poster abstracts through Friday, April 21.