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PRIM&R’s Research Ethics Digest (RED) explores noteworthy news events, studies, journal articles, and policy reports relevant research ethics. The latest issue of RED is now available to members.
Select articles include: Animal Research and News
Locey M, Pietras C, and Hackenberg T. “Human Risky Choice: Delay Sensitivity Depends on Reinforcer Type.” Journal of Experimental Psychology: Animal Behavior Processes. March 2009.Ethical Considerations
Brown M. “Moral Complicity in Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Research.” Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal. March 2009.

“Clinical Trials: The Balance Between Protecting Participants and Promoting Drug and Product Development.” Canadian Medical Association Journal. March 2009.Informed Consent & Research with Vulnerable Populations
Dresser R. “First-In Human Trial Participants: Not a Vulnerable Population, but Vulnerable Nonetheless.” Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics: Vulnerability in Biomedical Research. Spring 2009.

Elger B. “Research Involving Prisoners: Consensus and Controversies in International and European Regulations.” Bioethics. May 2008.

Institutional Considerations
Hall M, et al. “Community Hospital Oversight of Clinical Investigators’ Financial Relationships.” Ethics & Human Research. Jan-Feb 2009.In the News
Clifford S. “Online Age Quiz Is a Window for Drug Makers.” New York Times. March 22, 2009.“Keep Informed Consent Interactive, Avoid Therapy Misconception.” Clinical Trials Administrator. March 2009.
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