Featured Member Interview: Crystal Lijadu

To celebrate Member Appreciation Month, PRIM&R would like to highlight some of our members—individuals who work daily to advance ethical research on a daily basis. Today, we highlight Crystal Lijadu, who works as the IRB Administrative Coordinator at Thomas Jefferson University.

PRIM&R: Tell us about how you got started in the research ethics and oversight field and what motivates you to stay involved?
CL: Being curious by nature, I have always had a passion for research and for helping others. I previously worked as a clinical laboratory scientist and at times would assist with sample analysis for researchers. I became exceedingly curious about research in humans, and decided to complete a professional development series in clinical research. Completing this program provided me with an immense amount of insight into human subjects research, and impressed upon me the importance of the IRB in protecting participants. I then decided to change career paths and enter the wonderful world of human subjects protections.

PRIM&R: What is one tool or resource that you use every day that you could not do your job without?
CL: To be honest, the one resource that I could not do without is my Assistant Director, Mr. Kyle Conner. I am extremely fortunate to work directly with a person who maintains a wealth of knowledge and is always there to assist me with questions I may have. Through his mentorship, I have gained much knowledge and developed professionally at a pace that has exceeded my own expectations.

PRIM&R: Tell us the one thing you wish the general public knew about human subjects research/animal research?
CL: I wish the public understood how important it is to have a diverse population of participants in human subjects research. I do not believe that many people truly understand the importance and benefit of having this diversity.

PRIM&R: What is the professional accomplishment that you are most proud of?
CL: I am most proud of the fact that through dedication and hard work I have learned an immense amount about human subjects protections in a relatively short time, and am now able to serve as a resource for others.

PRIM&R: What is one PRIM&R resource or event you would recommend to another professional in your field?
CL: I would highly recommend attending the annual conference and preconference programs. There is a wealth of knowledge available at these events!