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Don’t miss the Call for Applications for the 2009 Pillars of PRIM&R Award!

In honor of two of PRIM&R’s revered Board members, Dr. Louis Lasagna and Dr. Herman Wigodsky, the Pillars of PRIMR Memorial Fund was founded to recognize promising professionals who, although fairly new to the field, are studying, teaching, and/or writing about research ethics. The PRIM&R community works hard to advance research ethics, and believes that the recognition and support of tomorrow’s thought-leaders today is assurance that our mission will be fulfilled for years to come.

Last fall, PRIM&R awarded the first Pillars of PRIM&R Award to Dr. Dyaeldin Elsayed of Khartoum, Sudan. Over the past few months, Dr. Elsayed has been working continuously to develop the curriculum for the first ever ethics training program at Al Zaiem Al Azhari University. As the program develops, we look forward to keeping you updated about Dr. Elsayed efforts via this blog.

In the meantime…PRIM&R is interested in learning about your research projects and/or initiatives geared towards advancing ethical research and invites you to submit an application in consideration for a 2009 Pillars of PRIM&R Award!

The award consists of:

  • a stipend of at least $1,000 for the expressed and designated purpose described in the application;
  • registration, travel, and accommodation expenses for the 2009 Advancing Ethical Research Conference;
  • recognition at the aforementioned conference; and
  • a one-year PRIM&R membership.

Qualified applicants are research ethics professionals in the early stages of their careers. Award criteria include consideration of the applicant’s academic and professional accomplishments, relevance of past activities (particularly those consonant with the mission of PRIM&R), the designated research project/initiative for which the stipend will be used, and the “fit” between the purpose of the Pillars of PRIM&R Memorial Fund, and the applicant.The deadline for submission of applications is June 30, 2009. Those interested in applying are encouraged to visit the PRIM&R website for more information, eligibility requirements, and a downloadable application form.

It is our hope that, through this initiative, the unique spirit and principles of those designated as Pillars will inspire the next generation of leaders in the field.

Those with questions about this award are encouraged to contact Shaquanna Philip, program assistant, via e-mail or call 617-423-4112, ext. 22.