Laboratory Animal Research Podcasts to Check Out

A recent influx of animal research-related podcasts has added new voices to the conversation around science and the use of animals to study cures, diseases, and biological processes. Here, we feature two newer podcasts, plus a slightly more tenured standby, to add to your audio rotation.

Lab Rat Chat

This podcast is a production of Americans for Medical Progress. Hosted by veterinary student Jeff Marshall and research compliance coordinator Danielle Dady, Lab Rat Chat aims to “provide the public with factual information about the importance of humane and ethical animal research.” In some episodes, hosts Marshall and Deady review recent news items and explore how they’re connected to research done with animals, but most installments feature an interview with a guest who works in the animal research space—researchers, veterinarians, technicians, etc.—to get a feel for their day-to-day work, experiences, motivations, and stories.

Episode to check out: Episode 18: Toxoplasmosis – From Cats to Mice with Laura Knoll, PhD, Professor of Medical Microbiology and Immunology at the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

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The newest podcast on this list, GetReal! aims to have “honest conversations about animal research so we can make compassionate choices…together.” Host Cindy Buckmaster, who has had a wide-ranging career in animal research, including as a researcher, educator, and advocate, aims to have discussions about the continued necessity of animals in research, the types of care animals in research receive, and the lives of research animals after they’re retired from research.

Episode to check out: Episode 1: Invisible Heroes, on the impact that COVID-19 shutdowns have had on ongoing animal research.

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3 Minute 3Rs

Presented by the North American 3Rs Collaborative and Nature Lab Animal, the 3 Minute 3Rs podcast is a refreshingly brisk spin through the latest work being done to reduce, refine, and replace the use of animals in research. A carousel of hosts offer brief synopses of the latest in 3Rs research, including topics as far-ranging as reducing mouse quantities in antivenom research to the development of artificial neurons on silicon chips.

Episode to check out: 3 Minute 3Rs December 2020, on refinements in primates, mice, and zebrafish and sticklebacks.

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Let us know about other podcasts related to animal research, research ethics, or human subjects protections in the comments.