Join the conversation!

Recently, we invited people to contribute to the program development for the 2009 Advancing Ethical Research Conference. We recognize that feedback from the community is invaluable when it comes to gathering and fleshing out ideas, so we gave the option of posting ideas to the conference discussion forum.

Some fantastic ideas have been posted there, including:

  • Creating shorter consent forms with language appropriate for understanding by all educational levels and cultural backgrounds;
  • Cross-cultural differences in one’s understanding of RCR issues;
  • Setting up committee reviews for stem cell research;
  • Nanotechnology and Medicine: Issues for Clinical Research;
  • and more!

We invite you to jump into the discussion forum and comment on these ideas, or post one of your own! (If you’d prefer, you can submit your idea using this online form.) The Conference Planning Committee will consider all posts and ideas that are submitted by March 24, but you can continue the conversation in our discussion forum long after that!
We’re grateful for your input, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.