Introducing an Updated IRB Administration Textbook

We are pleased to announce the publication of the third edition of Institutional Review Board: Management and Function, the leading textbook on IRB administration.

The third edition represents a comprehensive update to a key resource in research oversight. The research environment has changed significantly since 2005, when the previous edition was released. Over the last decade and a half, the methods used to collect and share research data, the types and quantities of information available for study, and who counts as a subject and stakeholder in research have all evolved in significant ways. This period has also seen the first major revisions since 1991 to the core federal regulations governing human research, as well as increasing specialization and professionalization of the research oversight field. These changes have brought new challenges for research oversight, raising questions about how to apply ethical principles and research regulations in a variety of new contexts.

We were excited by the opportunity to update this resource and provide the human research protections community with the very latest information and guidance on best practices, reflecting current topics, challenges, and regulations, in a comprehensive and accessible format. PRIM&R has unique access to the oversight community, so at the outset we sought to assemble a rock-star team of contributors who could provide the broad, expert content for this volume. We invited authors with an eye toward balancing emerging leaders and voices with those bringing longevity and experience. A team of reviewers worked with the editors to ensure consistency in tone, style, and approach to content. Ultimately, over 180 individuals who share a common goal of advancing ethical research contributed their time and wisdom to creation of this book, comprising 90 chapters and 13 distinct topical sections. This common goal is the theme of the Foreword to the book, contributed by Suzanne Rivera, president of Macalester College and chair of PRIM&R’s Board of Directors:

The regulations that eventually were written after the publication of the Belmont Report promulgated the belief that a group of thoughtful people, working together to think about and resolve moral questions and ethical dilemmas, could arrive at more sound and appropriate decisions than a simple bureaucratic form or administrative procedure. And, for the most part, this belief has borne fruit. Communities of researchers, scholars, public policy experts, research subjects, and others have—over the years—built a community concerned with advancing best practices for IRBs and promoting the highest ethical standards for the conduct of research. By publishing and periodically updating this book, PRIM&R contributes to those efforts.

Read the full Foreword here; it’s an inspiring reflection on the important work of oversight professionals, providing a thought-provoking look at the history and evolution of the field. To colleagues who will use the book, we wish you the best. And thank you to all those who supported the book’s creation–it’s been a privilege to work with you all.

You can order IRB Management and Function from Jones and Bartlett Learning. As a PRIM&R member, you can save 25% and receive free shipping on the book—and an even larger discount if you bundle it with the IRB Member Handbook (bundle options with the accompanying digital Study Guide are also available). Log into the member discounts page for details on this and other member discounts.

Sharon Shriver, PhD, is the Director of Programs at PRIM&R. She is the managing editor of IRB: Management and Function: Third Edition.