In January’s Newsletter…

The most recent issue of the PRIM&R Newsletter (members only) was distributed on Friday, January 30.

In addition to our regular features, such as Recent Headlines, Government and Legal News, and Public Policy (to name a few), this issue included…

  • A welcome to PRIM&R’s new membership manager, Joanna Cardinal;
  • PRIM&R’s interview with a newly Certified Professional IACUC Administrator (CPIA), who explained how he prepared for the exam and why the certification is important to his career;
  • A featured talk from PRIM&R Through the Years, a unique compilation of presentations delivered by internationally esteemed experts in the field of research ethics at PRIM&R’s past annual meetings. This month feature is Jay Katz’s speech, “Human Experimentation with Human Rights,” which he gave in December 1992 at PRIM&R’s Annual IRB Conference, IRB Review: The Changes and the Challenges;
  • “Jerry Notes,” an educational resource provided by the Journal of Empirical Research on Human Research Ethics (JERHRE), which is designed to introduce key concepts and develop evidence-based ethical problem-solving skills;
  • A new feature (Benefit Spotlight) highlighting one of PRIM&R’s many membership benefits.

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