In April’s Newsletter…

The most recent issue of the PRIM&R Newsletter (members only) was distributed on Thursday, April 30.

In addition to our regular features, such as Recent Headlines, Government and Legal News, and Public Policy, this issue included…

  • Information about the Call for Poster Abstracts for the 2009 Advancing Ethical Research Conference;
  • A brief anthology of news articles about the recent Coast IRB sting operation;
  • An article from PRIM&R member Renée LLanusa-Cestero titled “A Double Standard in Human Research Protection;”
  • A featured talk from PRIM&R Through the Years, a 532-page compilation of presentations delivered by internationally esteemed experts in the field of research ethics at PRIM&R’s past annual meetings. This month’s feature is a panel from the 1989 Whither IRBs in the 1990s?New Directions and Decisions meeting, titled “Uses of Fetal Tissue, Commercial Use of Cell Lines and Tissues, Physicians as Human Guinea Pigs, Genetic Testing/Gene Replacement Research, and a ‘Send-Off to the ‘90s’”;
  • Information about “Gene Talk: What do we expect from Families and their Doctors?,” a US national study sponsored and funded by the National Institute of Health; and
  • A list of those individuals who passed the CIP® exam in March 2009.

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