IBC Conference: June 24-26

Collaboration between IRBs and IBCs offers immediate and long-term benefits—especially when it comes to reviewing human gene transfer research projects. This effort not only ensures that regulatory requirements are met, but that risks and potential benefits are clearly communicated to research participants.

So, where might you begin bridging the gap? You could start by attending Institutional Biosafety Committees: Promoting Optimal Practice Now and in the Future. Hosted by the National Institutes of Health Office of Biotechnology Activities (NIH OBA) and the Eagleson Institute on June 24-26, this meeting aims to help biosafety professionals expand their knowledge of research and review. Participating organizations included: American Association of Laboratory Animal Science, American Biological Safety Association, American Society for Microbiology, and PRIM&R.

Moira Keane, a PRIM&R board member and planning committee member for the NIH OBA, underscored the importance of the topics on this year’s agenda. She noted that new developments “require well-versed committee members and staff who can navigate the intricacies of the review process to ensure timely and effective review of these cutting-edge projects. This conference will open the lines of communication on these issues.”

So whether you’re looking for deep background or indications of the impact of your research, visit
www.eagleson.org to learn more.