By Anne Meade, MS, PMP, senior manager for website and social media

What makes you successful in your research ethics work? Is it a particular personality trait?  A set of skills you've developed? A combination of both? For the March Question of the Month, our People & Perspectives oral history project wants to know what you think about this question.

In this People & Perspectives compilation, Jeffrey Botkin, MD, MPH, and Kristina Borror, PhD, illustrate the traits they feel help them succeed in their careers:

"[it is] the ability to do…practical, collaborative decision making…so much of it is the ability to engage in practical problem solving and collaborative solutions that has served me well." – Jeffrey Botkin, MD, MPH

"Compassion, empathy for people who are hurting…not giving up when things get hard, and of course the boring analytical skills." – Kristina Borror, PhD

What traits or skills do you see in yourself or your colleagues that make you successful? Respond to the Question of the Month on the People & Perspectives website, or share a comment below.

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