Council Announces CPIA Recertification Guidelines

In 2007, PRIM&R launched its certification program for IACUC professionals known as the Certified Professional IACUC Administrator (CPIA) credential. The certification process was developed to improve the quality of animal care and use programs by promoting ethical practices and advanced knowledge of IACUC administration.
Since its inception, CPIA has grown steadily. There are currently 164 CPIAs in the country and the number of exam applicants rises steadily. Since the CPIA certification period is five years, early CPIA-certified individuals have been asking about the requirements for recertification. After a thoughtful deliberation process, the CPIA Council, the committee that oversees the CPIA credential standards, released the CPIA Recertification Guidelines.To maintain certification, a CPIA must recertify every five years from the time of the most recent certification. Recertification may always be achieved by successfully retaking the CPIA examination. However, CPIAs also have the option to recertify by completing certain professional development and continuing education activities as described in the Recertification Guidelines.Why recertify or sit for the CPIA exam for the first time?The CPIA credential…

  • Demonstrates the certified IACUC professional’s high level of dedication to IACUC administration as a profession.
  • Provides potential career advancement opportunities.
  • Validates the holder’s knowledge of his or her field.
  • Strengthens the profession by providing an established body of relevant knowledge and national standards of practice in IACUC administration.

For more detailed information, please download the CPIA Recertification Guidelines or the CCPIA Policies and Procedures Manual.