Connecting with PRIM&R’s support

by Susie Hoffman

I’m writing to tell you about one of PRIM&R’s little-known membership benefits:  PRIM&R Regional Connections.

I first took advantage of this benefit in 2007 to convene the inaugural Virginia Institutional Review Board (IRB) Consortium conference. My goal was to provide a low-cost education and networking opportunity to IRBs throughout Virginia. The Virginia IRB Consortium conference has blossomed into an annual event. I cherish the sense of community that this event brings. It is always wonderful to make connections with new colleagues and to watch their eyes light up as they realize they have found others that actually know what an IRB is all about! The growth of the event over the past five years has, in part, been sustained by support from PRIM&R Regional Connections

PRIM&R Regional Connections aims to foster connections among PRIM&R members and their colleagues. In order to meet this goal, the program encourages individuals to plan regional events. The events can be as simple as a networking gathering or as complex as a full day conference. To help along the way, PRIM&R provides planning resources such as checklists, timelines, and helpful tips. The most amazing aspect, however, is that PRIM&R can provide up to $1,000 in funding to help defray costs! In these tough economic times, this funding can be the lifeline institutions and individuals need to create new educational and/or networking opportunities. PRIM&R will also work with the host to connect them with an individual who has already hosted a PRIM&R Regional Connections event and who can help you think through the process and provide insight into possibilities. 

The only requirement to take advantage of PRIM&R Regional Connections is that you must be a PRIM&R member and you must apply. PRIM&R can help you plan, market, and execute your event. Based on my own experience, I would encourage you to get started today by learning more on the PRIM&R website. As funding is limited, please don’t delay! Complete the PRIM&R Regional Connections Application for Funding today!

Many thanks, Susie, for making sure your fellow members are aware of this way to connect with one another! PRIM&R has been proud to support the Virginia IRB Consortium and congratulate you and your colleagues on its continued growth.