Certification means benefits!

If you’ve ever thought that certification meant filling out some paperwork, taking a test, and attaching a few letters after your name, think again.
The Certification for Institutional Review Board Professionals (CIP®) is a milestone that formally recognizes the holder’s understanding of the IRB and its operations, and signifies mastery of a level of specialized knowledge essential to high-quality human subject protections. Sure, there is some paperwork, and a test to boot, but those letters—CIP—are more than just a benchmark. The CIP® credential translates to far-reaching benefits that affect all of the stakeholders in the human research enterprise. CIPs…

  • Strengthen an institution’s human research protection program with a demonstrated body of knowledge
  • Improve IRB administration
  • Bolster their institution’s regulatory compliance
  • Reinforce the precedence of research subjects at the sponsoring institution(s)
  • Stand out as a source of expert-level knowledge during the accreditation process

To learn more about the eligibility requirements and the exam itself, please download the CIP® Handbook. Don’t delay – the deadline to apply for the September exam period is August 1, 2009.Already a CIP®? For more information on recertification, please e-mail Shaquanna Philip or download the Recertification Guidelines.
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