#AER12 Round-up

by Anne Meade, Senior Manager for Website and Social Media

While the PRIM&R Blog Squad provided helpful insight into many of the sessions and panels  presented at the 2012 Advancing Ethical Research Conference, a lot information was also shared via Twitter!  Here’s how the conference was seen through the eyes of our tweeting attendees:

@djeneen: In #SanDiego for the #AER12 conference. Doesn’t start until tomorrow but already talking shop in my hotel lobby with someone from Chicago!

@antinats: What about engagement for Internet-based clinical trials in a box? #AER12 #Bioethics #regs

@djcontraption: Closing the 1st day @ #AER12-So many sharp, committed, & caring voices here, trying to figure out ways to marry best thought & best practice

@djeneen: Great First Time Attendees breakfast this morning at #AER12. Met folks from New Zealand & Zimbabwe!

@averyavra: Ioannidis: I think it is probably unethical to run a new study if we don’t know what we already know. #AER12 @primrconnect

@primrconnect: Ioannidis: We should make sure we register ALL trials and publish ALL results. #AER12

@antinats: As learned yesterday, crowd sourcing & data-sharing can be great, but consider potential privacy/reidentification/linking. #AER12

@djcontraption: So far, serendipity the rule of the day @#AER12. From videoconference book clubs to lunchtable conversations, engaging interactions abound.

@redshutters: #AER12 Global research ethics plenary – “India has a strong culture of activism which has raised difficult questions” about research

@primrconnect: James Gavin III: No one single factor is responsible for poorer health outcomes along populations of color. #AER12

@GUCancerNews: @primrconnect #AER12 as a woman married to Hispanic Dr Gavin’s message is important to my household – minority disparity in research

PaulaKimTRAC: Thanks to all for great session on Front Door consents @primrconnect #AER12 conference. #Biospecimens are important for research progress.

@DavidrVH: Great talk by J Gavin; one observation fr this writer, face–to–face seems to work best for trial recruitment, for all populations #AER12

@antinats: “Reality is where our consciousness is located” #AER12 #secondlife

@primrconnect: Botkin: As a general rule, investigators have no motivation to re-identify de-identified data. #AER12 (Great Debate)

@Virgotex: @primrconnect this is definitely best IRB-related conference I’ve attended. Well done! #AER12

@GUCancerNews: @primrconnect #AER12 things that have hurt me- force and stigma, Elyn Saks. Providing amazing insight to mental illness

@BWBJD: Change starts with one person. Thank you Elyn Saks (author, The Center Cannot Hold). #AER12

@antinats: Many challenges in deciding whether an activity is QA/QI/etc or human subjects research…Glad it’s not just me! #AER12

@mattstafford: #AER12 HIPAA: misplaced moral protection. Authorization required for research but NOT for marketing(!!!)

@djcontraption: Heading out from #AER12. A takeaway-stay creative in how to maximize opportunity for autonomy while remaining attentive to vulnerability.

@jcm57: Best quote of #AER12 — “I’m an emergency room doctor by training but I know enough about statistics to be dangerous”

It was great to see so many of our attendees experiencing the conference through social media. Be sure to follow PRIM&R on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook!  And, see you all at #AER13