A Message from Our Executive Director about Monday’s Bombings in Boston


Dear friends,

Thank you for your continuing calls, emails, and texts.  My co-workers and I feel blessed to be surrounded by such a caring community, especially at times like these. Boston will rebound, but those families who have been touched more directly by this senseless act of violence will never be the same, and our hearts go out to them.

The reaction of Bostonians has been unified and clear: we won’t succumb to the fear and retreat that would hand those who perpetrated this horrific act a second victory. Come next April, we will once again watch the Boston’s Marathon–with its inspiring parade of people of every size, ability/disability, color, culture, age, and “t-shirt-short-story” unique identity, cheer on the Red Sox, and think about Paul Revere and the other courageous Patriots who took the risks necessary to defend their principles. Our City is overflowing with sadness and strength in equal measure, and it has come together in a “we will not be bowed” spirit.

Those who perpetrated these brutal acts want us to stay shaken, afraid, and permanently diminished, so among the things I have resolved to do to fight those instincts is to remember how strong and special a city this is. Join me, please, and check out “29 reasons to love Boston” on BuzzFeed. Please also have a look at one of the many articles that speak of Boston’s determination to transcend this tragedy and the trauma that came with it.

We all want to do whatever we can to heal not just this broken city of ours, but the broken world that gives rise to such terror. Toward that end, PRIM&R has made a donation to the “One Fund Boston” that was set up to help victims of Monday’s tragedy.

Thank you for being part of the PRIM&R family, and be safe and strong today and always.

My best,