Exciting changes are happening with the CIP exam!

Beginning June 15, the Certified IRB Professional (CIP®) exam will be available on-demand, at both in-person testing centers and online, through live remote online proctoring. Candidates will also receive their scores within an hour of testing!

The eligibility guidelines for the CIP exam can be found here. Candidates should still submit their exam applications to PSI (we encourage everyone to complete the online application form, which is available by clicking the “register for this exam” button on the PSI CIP homepage). In order to be complete, applications must include a work verification form and a CV/resumé that includes the HRPP/IRB job functions for which candidates are responsible.

Applications are triaged by PSI for eligibility review. Candidates with incomplete and ineligible applications will be contacted by PRIM&R for follow-up.

Eligible candidates receive an eligibility notice, which will include the 90-day window during which they may test. This 90-day window begins two weeks after an application is approved. We encourage candidates to schedule their appointments as soon as possible, as they are issued on a first-come, first-served basis. Candidates who fail to schedule their exams and fail to apply for a one-time eligibility window extension forfeit their exam fees and must re-apply to sit for the exam.

Candidates can schedule their appointments through PSI’s online scheduling platform, and they have the option to take their exams at in-person testing centers or to take their exams online through live remote proctoring. The upgraded online proctoring platform uses less bandwidth than its predecessor system, and the chat tool on the exam form now allows candidates to directly connect with tech support as well as their proctor. Additional information about exam delivery options can be found on the Tips and FAQs section of the CIP exams webpage.

Candidates will receive an email with their exam scores within an hour of testing. Those who successfully pass the exam will be contacted by PRIM&R with their certification information (including certificate number, certification term, and certificate information) within two weeks of their exam date. Candidates who are unsuccessful in passing the exam will be able to re-apply to sit for the exam 90 days after their exam date.

The 2022 CIP exam consists of 130 exam questions. 115 of these questions are scored, and 15 questions are unscored; candidates won’t know which items are scored, and which are unscored.

If you have any questions about the CIP exam, please contact us!