2010 PRIM&R Member Appreciation Month

by Joanna Cardinal, membership coordinator

Welcome to May, and to PRIM&R’s inaugural Member Appreciation Month. This month is all about YOU, PRIM&R members! We want you to know how much we value your support of PRIM&R, your volunteer work, and your feedback on all that PRIM&R does.

Just what does “appreciation” mean, you ask? Well:

  • All month long, PRIM&R members will receive an additional 10% discount on proceedings, publications, and registrations for webinars scheduled for June and July.
  • The member registration rate for PRIM&R’s Wednesday, May 26 webinar, Speaking Confidence: A PRIM&R Toolbox, will be discounted by an additional 50%.
  • Every weekday in May, we will be featuring member interviews with randomly selected PRIM&R members right here on Ampersand.
  • PRIM&R members attending our May Regional Program in Chicago will receive a special member gift at registration.

How do you take advantage of these tokens of our appreciation? If you are a member, you’re already signed up! Stay tuned to our blog and our website for more information.

If you’re not a member of PRIM&R yet, maybe this is the incentive you’ve been waiting for: join today!

Thank you, PRIM&R members. Your work and PRIM&R membership make us proud!