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In February, PRIM&R hosted Research with Children and Adolescents in Elementary and Secondary Schools, a webinar presented by Shannon Sewards, MA, CIP, and Julie Slayton, PhD, JD. This webinar provided strategies for IRB administrators and staff who work closely with research in public school settings to determine IRB review and risk levels for protocols, understand and implement best practices for research in the classroom, and support and guide investigators on regulatory and logistical matters. Read more


Each time a research protocol involving children comes to us for review, my committee members and I look to one another for help deciding how to balance obtaining potentially valuable information that might one day impact the lives of other children with the delicate exercise of approving a protocol involving children. Often, we don’t have the answer within our ranks, and do not know who to look to for assistance. We ask ourselves: "Who can help us now?" Read more


by Athos Bousvaros, MD, Boston Children's Hospital

Athos Bousvaros, MD, and Susan Kornetsky, MPH, both of Boston Children's Hospital, recently created a comic book, titled Sophie's Science Project, to help teach children about medical research. Below Dr. Athos shares their motivation for creating the comic book and what they hope it will accomplish.

For children and adolescents to participate in pediatric clinical research, parental permission is needed, but the children themselves are also expected to provide assent. Assent is defined by the US Department of Health and Human Services as "a child's [...] Read more


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Treating Kids’ Cancer with Science and a Pocket Full of Hope: Pediatric brain cancer researcher Jim Olsen is developing an experimental product called Tumor Paint, a molecule that includes a dye that makes tumor cells glow during brain surgery. The goal is to make tumors easier for surgeons to remove. The first tests of Tumor Paint are scheduled for later this year.


by Michael Leary, MA, CIP, Education and Compliance Specialist in the Human Research Protection Office at Washington University in St. Louis

There is an odd thing happening to institutional review boards (IRBs); they are becoming interesting. We are all familiar with the classic perception of the IRB as yet another administrative burden tucked away in the research process. But at many institutions, this perception is shifting. With the publication of books like Laura Stark’s Behind Closed Doors: IRBs and the Making of Ethical Research, and the steady increase [...] Read more

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