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In April of 2020, the Bioethics Research Center at Washington University School of Medicine announced a survey, aiming to understand the ethical, regulatory, and practical barriers to conducting and overseeing COVID-19 research. Principle investigator and director of the center James DuBois, DSc, PhD, is pleased to report the results of the survey. Read more


In July of this year, the National Academies of Science, Medicine, and Engineering (NASEM) released a report titled, “Returning Individual Research Results to Participants: Guidance for a New Research Paradigm.” It’s a comprehensive report that raises many important considerations and proposes a number of thoughtful recommendations on this very timely topic. I won’t be able to do justice to all of its details and nuance here. Instead, I’ll share what I take to be some key themes and takeaways, including for IRBs. Read more