Post-approval monitoring (PAM) has traditionally been, and in many ways still is, seen as a program to monitor protocols after approval. At PRIM&R's 2018 IACUC Conference (IACUC18), I attended a fascinating session titled “Quality Assurance Beyond Post-Approval Monitoring”. The session explored the idea that post-approval monitoring, or PAM, should be looked at as monitoring of the animal care and use program not just monitoring of the animal protocols. I have always been interested in quality assurance and quality management and the ideas in this session were very exciting! The notion that a formal PAM program could improve compliance across the animal care and use program in multiple facets is truly energizing. Read more


On Thursday, April 25, PRIM&R hosted a webinar titled Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement (QA/QI): Study Review from Conception to Completion. Kristen Burt, JD, interim director of the Michigan State University (MSU) Human Research Protection Program (HRPP), and Eunice Yim Newbert, MPH, manager of the Education and Quality Improvement Program (EQuIP) at Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH), participated as speakers, with Amy Davis, JD, MPH, senior director for program and publications at PRIM&R, as moderator.

Following the webinar, we connected with the presenters, and they kindly answered a few more questions that came in from webinar participants, forRead more