Meet Aurali Dade, assistant vice president for research integrity and assurance at George Mason University. She is featured this week as part of our featured member interview series, which aims to demonstrate the diversity of skills and experience in our membership community. This series is published monthly throughout the year, but for the month of May, we’ll be bringing you a new member interview every week as one of our many Member Appreciation Month offerings. Read more


The final day of PRIM&R’s 2016 IACUC Conference (IACUC16) was another great chance to learn. The breakout session Beyond the IACUC: Understanding the Bigger Compliance Picture, presented by Barbara Garibaldi, Christina Nascimento, and Gina Prochilo-Cawston, included case studies of non-compliance. The scenarios illustrated how even incidents of non-compliance that appear minor on the surface could have underlying roots that require further investigation and reporting by the institution that goes far beyond the IACUC. While IACUCs may serve as first-responders to a non-compliance event, there are potentially greater implications that must involve others, such as hazard/occupational health and safety personnel, or regulatory, accreditation, and funding agencies. [...] Read more